International Masterclass Croatia

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Zagreb summer course

 1.  Ballet Summer School Programme will take place from Monday 19 July till Saturday 31 July 2021.

 2.  Arrival day: Sunday 18 July 

      Departure day: Sunday 1 August 2021

3.  We accept students for:

      2 weeks or

      1 week 

4.  We accept participants aged 11 to 24 years.

     Students will be divided into 2 group levels:

     Intermediate (11 to 14 years)

     Senior  (15 to 23 years)



Ballet class: 6x per week

Point shoe work: 6x per week

Variation/Technique: 6x per week

Contemporary: 6x per week

5. Classes will be taught in English

    Our International Faculty speaks English, German and Russian.   

6. For Dance Teacher Observation Program there is no age limit.